Certifications and Support for Women-Owned Minority Business Owners

Join us on July 9th at Courtyard by Marriott

11:30 am to 1:00 pm – REGISTRATION CLOSES 8am on Monday, July 8th

There will be a various menu options provided at the venue.



Unlock the full potential of your women-owned minority business with our empowering presentation, “Certifications and Support for Women-Owned Minority Business Owners” with Paula Sours.  Discover why certification is not just a badge of honor but a gateway to growth and opportunity. If you haven’t been certified, now is the time to leverage this pivotal step. Fear not the process; you likely already possess all the necessary documentation. Our session will guide you through common pitfalls and challenges, ensuring you emerge with tips to develop a robust capability statement perfectly tailored to your business size. Plus, gain invaluable insights into accessing capital and mastering your market space. Join us to transform your business trajectory with the power of certification.


LOCATION: Courtyard by Marriott – 121 Doctor MLK Jr. Blvd – South Bend


Lunch Type

Papa Salad (Chicken)
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Eggplant Parmesan
Tortellini Con Alfredo
Vegetable Primavera

Spaghetti and Vegetable Primavera can be served with gluten free penne or zoodles, upon request.


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