Here are some common questions about WBOM.

About WBOM
What is WBOM
A non-profit organization providing a business environment for the meeting of all women in business.
Dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurism, business ownership and management by women.
A voice for women who own or operate businesses.
How did WBOM get started?

A long time ago in a far away land… Oh wait, that is in fairy tale land. Well how it really happened was…

Who is WBOM affiliated with?

WBOM participates in other business associations such as the South Bend Chamber or Commerce. 

Who are the board members for WBOM?
You can find a current listing of all the board members on our Officers page.
How do I apply to become a board member?
You can find the Board Member Application here



How do I become a member?
How do I apply for membership?
You can go to our Home page and click on “Join” on the right panel. You will then be able to fill out all the necessary information to apply for a membership.
Website Questions
How do I add my myself to the Business Directory
You can use this link to watch a quick video on how to enter your information into the Business Directory.

Quick Directions
1. Log in to WBOM.org
2. Click on Business Directory link on the top menu
3. Click on “Create a Listing”
4. Enter your information into as many fields as you have relevant information.
5. Upload a max of two images, suggestions would be your professional head shot and your business logo
6. Submit your listing for final review and you will receive a confirmation email through out the process

Other Questions
I would love to suggest something, how do I?

You can send an email to info@wbom.org with the subject of “Suggestion”. You will receive a response back within a short amount of time. We love to here from our members. 

Other ?’s

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at admin@wbom.org