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Coach Wendy – Live Your Life on Purpose
Address: P. O. Box 779
La Porte, IN
Full Name: Wendy Taddeucci
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Short Business Description: I provide transformation in the area of life purpose.
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Do you know someone that is at a crossroads, un-confident and unsure of what they have to offer?

Through my 1-on-1 coaching, I work with my clients to shift their mindset into one of possibility so that they live their lives with passion & purpose.

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Business Phone Number: 219-575-3821
Listen. Trust. Live Authentically.
Full Name: Linda Raven
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Short Business Description: Coaching extraordinary people to rise above and transform an unjust society to live a life of purpose.
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Disillusioned with the story you have been told about what is supposed to make life meaningful? Do you have this feeling that life isn’t meant to be this way, but not sure how it is meant to be? Or are you clear about what makes life meaningful, but unsure how to bring more of it into your life? Or somewhere in between? Or something completely different that just isn’t sitting quite right? Or maybe you know that the dominant mainstream culture does not suit you well, but are not sure what you can do about that? I’m here to explore these shadowy areas with you, to create space for you to explore your ideas, to support you to listen to your inner wisdom, learn to trust that wisdom and to live authentically. With 20+ years experience in embodiment and social justice practices, I support you in reconnecting through the body, reconnecting to the human and Earth community around us. Through an understanding of the impact of living in an oppressive society, I support you in reclaiming and expressing your awesomeness into the world.

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Business Phone Number: 317-969-5797
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