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RDF Consulting, LLC

Marketing & Business Development for Professional Services

RoundTable Consulting LLC
Nancy Owsianowski
I believe that authentic leaders transform organizations. While they drive for results, authentic leaders demonstrate caring, compassion and empathy for people as they lead. With that in mind, I work with my clients to design and implement customized solutions to address business challenges and develop solutions that drive change and provide positive results.

We believe in the power of relationship to drive customized, holistic solutions. You—and the issues you face—are unique. RoundTable Consulting invests in forging a deep relationship to learn about your company and its culture then crafts a solution to address your specific needs. No formulaic answers or cookie-cutter solutions, and no partial remedies that treat only symptoms; your organization’s unique balance is restored.

Starting with a conversation, we ask questions that identify pain points and build a deep understanding of your organization. We identify your definition of success, your expectations, and any required deliverables. Each engagement goes through four phases: Assessment, Planning, Execution, and Follow-up.

The name RoundTable Consulting embodies the sense of equality in sharing that is a hallmark of effective facilitation, as well as the concept of constantly striving for personal and organizational improvement within a collegial setting.

RoundTable Consulting LLC
Owner, Sr. Consultant
South Bend, IN
Kim Mock
I help organizations identify, grow and develop their talent for better business results through assessments, training and individualized coaching.

I provide onsite customized courses and facilitation for your team on your training programs, or for training designed by TalentEvolutions.

360 Feedback Process
The Process includes collecting confidential feedback from direct reports, peers and managers to provide a full view of how the individual interacts with each group.

Dynamic Coaching Services
I work with Managers and employees to provide coaching and support to allow individuals to be as successful as possible.

Succession Planning
Together we identify and assess high potential talent for an individual, a department or for key positions at all levels of the organization.

Personality Assessments
Talent Development and Succession Planning services use assessments to ensure an individual is a good fit for a role. It also allows managers to focus on each individual’s strengths for increased success on the job.

Individual Development Plans
Individual development plans provide a roadmap for development and are the culmination of the process to ensure individuals have a development path to success.

Supervisor Development Program
Customized training program for first time or struggling managers, or for management teams. Courses are customized to the attendees’ needs through the use of an assessment to determine training needs for the group. The two-year program includes 20 – 4 hr. sessions, two personality assessments for coaching and development purposes, feedback and regular coaching with the supervisor and the attendee. The end of each training session ends with a commitment to work on something shared in the class, and the next session begins with sharing what was actually completed.
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Turning Point Senior Care Solutions
205 West Jefferson Boulevard Ste 105
South Bend, IN
Emee Miller
A service specializing in senior care and lifestyles in the Greater South Bend Area

A service specializing in senior care and lifestyle in the Greater South Bend area. With local knowledge of personal care, elder care lawyers, contractors who may help modify a home to remain livin safely and local knowledge of area independent, assisted and residential assisted living communities. With guidance of options available a seniors, family and friend may make a educated decision in order thrive with dignity.

Turning Point Senior Care Solutions