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A Place to Be Me by Children's Dispensary
Address: 812 E LaSalle Ave
South Bend, IN
Full Name: Beth Harsch
Short Business Description: A Place to Be Me provides social, educational and recreational activities to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental, physical and cognitive impairments. We believe that everyone is entitled to full life experiences. Our programming is designed to benefit each individual that we serve emotionally, physically and socially.
Long Business Description:

Our mission is to enhance the learning and enrich the lives of individuals with special needs

Our goal is to provide each individual we serve with “A Place To Be Me” where friendships are developed, social skills are enhanced, learning is enriched and self-esteem is built.

Our approach provides appropriate play and learning experiences in settings that help develop independence, social skills, a network of friends and a sense of community. While we help participants to learn new skills, develop independence and and improve physical health, the overriding purpose of our programming is to provide a place where special needs children can just be themselves without the barriers that may exist in traditional settings.

Business Phone Number: 574-234-1169
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A Wee Bit Warped
Address: South Bend Farmers Market
1105 Northside Boulevard
South Bend, IN 46615
Full Name: Nancy Brenner Sinnott
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: A Wee Bit Warped is many things: the name of my fiber art business; a play on weaving's warp and weft; and my husband's description of me. You choose!
Long Business Description:

Linking the heritage of Indiana’s rich textile history with the heritage of the large Celtic population in Indiana is unique within the Hoosier art culture. Nancy says the tradition has survived centuries and evolved.
A specialist in the designing and weaving of tartans, Nancy Brenner Sinnott combines her love of math with her art and enjoys testing her abilities in both. With such an academic-sounding approach, it’s not surprising her love of textiles as an art form was fostered while a student at the University of Notre Dame and deepened while working with the textiles collection at the Smithsonian Institution.
“Several classes within my American Studies curriculum focused on cultural artifacts, which led to the study of Indiana’s rich history in weaving Jacquard coverlets as well as a study of the Celtic heritage at Notre Dame,” Nancy said. “Graduate school took me to Washington, D.C. and resulted in a position with the Smithsonian, where I learned even more about the art and quality of textiles created here and around the world.
“All my new designs start with a plan, which may or may not be based on an ancient tartan pattern. Next I create five to ten different renditions of a pattern, finding the one that fits my aesthetic for the piece. Each is very personal, based on my interpretation of the design, and each is unique. Color and balance are key to creating a piece I deem successful,” she said.
“Researching, designing, weaving, and selling tartans for several years, especially while living so close to Notre Dame, has resulted in many spirited conversations with hundreds of Indiana residents,” Nancy said. “They share their Celtic heritage and work with me to discover their ancestor’s clan tartan. I can create pieces specific to their tartan or, if that doesn’t exist, they often ask me to design their own new “clan” tartan, often commemorating their past while looking toward the future.
“While many of my tartans are woven using authentic Shetland wool dyed to authentic tartan colors, that is not always the case. I enjoy utilizing cooler natural materials such as bamboo and silk, as both hold the rich colors of the tartan and the sharp lines of the design, and drape well when worn.”
Nancy says authentic tartans are required to follow several specific rules. They are always woven in twill (two threads up/two threads down); the pattern must almost always be symmetrical, which requires that identical colors and material be used in both the warp and weft of the weave; the colors may range from two to as many as the artist wants, but the majority of tartans range from three to seven specific colors; and each color combination is expected to be “pleasing to the eye,” and to blend when seen from a distance.
“My weavings have sold well at retail and at art fairs in Indiana and Michigan for years,” Nancy said. “I enjoy showing and selling at art fairs, and the uniqueness of my work is ideal for the Indiana Artisan brand because it broadens it. At the same time, this special brand now identifies me and my work as unique and provides greater exposure for both, as well as for tartans in the Midwest.”

Business Phone Number: 574-286-2502
Active Health & Wellness
Address: 3027 Mishawaka Ave
South Bend, IN. 46615
Full Name: Dr. Lisa Meyers
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: South Bend Chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Meyers, offers quality care with an emphasis on continued wellness and education. At Active Health and Wellness Center, we are committed to our mission: To enrich and educate our community to help heal and strengthen their lives.
Long Business Description:

Active Health & Wellness

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 574-259-9355
Business Fax: 574-288-2737
Be Wildly Happy
Address: 207 1/2 S. Main St.
Elkhart, IN 46516
Full Name: Charrise McCrorey
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Be Wildly Happy is a project created by Charrise McCrorey in 2017. We help midlife women create their next best chapter -- in business and in life.
Long Business Description:

Charrise McCrorey, certified business and life coach, facilitator, and author created Be Wildly Happy in 2017 as a way to build a supportive community for women in their midlife years. She teaches effective communication strategies to help women find the courage to have the conversations most needed to build healthy relationships in their business and at home. She also helps women navigate transition and life changes to help them create their own 'wildly happy' life -- in the areas of career, marriage, aging parents, and grandparenting. Her online programs are designed for self-paced learning and community building. Charrise believes women are better together than apart.

She is President of WBOM and supports St. Mary's College Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative as a facilitator through the Spark Program. Since 1982, Charrise has been married to the love of her life, with two grown children and one grandchild.

Business Website Address: Emergence Business Coaching
Business Phone Number: 574-320-5888
Bee Trustworthy Homes
Full Name: MaryJo Tirikos
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Buying and Selling Homes
Long Business Description:

Bee Trustworthy Homes is a "Certified Affordable Housing Provider" that buys and sells homes to provide the dream of home ownership to families and individuals regardless of background. We help sellers with no commission and no fix up needed. We help buyers that can't get bank financing by providing our "Path to Homeownership" program to get them in a home sooner than later.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 574-231-7211 or 574-231-7213
Business Fax: 574-217-8284
Belle Behind the Ball -Travel Division
Address: 460 Stull St.
South Bend, IN
Full Name: Angie Anderson
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Complimentary and Comprehensive Travel planning for Romance travel, Business and group trips and Family Vacations.
Long Business Description:

Belle Behind the Ball partnered with EZ TravelPad to offer Clients destination weddings, honeymoon travel, and anniversary travel. For business Clients, we have planned meticulous group trips with no detail going unnoticed! Make your employees or Clients feel completely pampered with exceptional travel planning.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 574-855-1274
Belle Behind the Ball Wedding & Event Planning
Address: 460 Stull Street
South Bend, IN 46601
Full Name: Angie Anderson
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: A full service event planning Company specializing in Weddings, Corporate Events and Travel.
Long Business Description:

Angie Anderson, owner of Belle Behind the Ball is passionate and devoted to her Clients and their Events. She absolutely thrives on the hustle of planning and executing amazing events! She is told that her calm demeanor keeps her Clients at ease. If you are planning a Corporate Event or a Wedding, be sure to call Belle Behind the Ball to help. Many say it is the "greatest gift they have given themselves".

Business Website Address: Belle Behind the Ball
Business Phone Number: 574-855-1274
Address: 16095 Jackson Rd
Mishawaka, IN 46544
Full Name: Amanda Bair
Short Business Description: is a greeting card company that offers PERSONALIZED mailing services. We want to help you connect with your important contacts by sending birthday, anniversary, and holiday cards.
Long Business Description:

What is CardCare?
-We help you send personalized greeting cards to your important contacts.
- Our cards can be personalized with digitally printed signatures & logos. We can also print a personalized message inside.
- The envelopes are addressed directly on the paper with a printer, we don't use any labels adding to the personal touch.
- Each envelope is hand stamped with a first class postage stamp – we don't use any metered mail.
- Cards start as low as $1.65 and that includes all customization. The cost for mailing service which is the envelope addressing and stamping is the cost of a stamp – which is $0.55 at the moment!

Why should you use CardCare?
- We can do as much or as little of the work that you’d like.
- With our complete mailing service where we personalize card, print and assemble envelopes and mail cards directly to your clients on the date of your choice (typically we suggest 5 days before birthdays or ahead of the holiday greeting card rush).
- The other option is for CardCare to customize the service where we can print a logo inside and ship the cards and envelopes to you to sign and then send in the mail. The cards come divided by date so you can manage on your own schedule.
- You decide the program that works best for you – the only difference in cost is shipping and handling.

If you are interested in how to get started with CardCare:
You can Email me at OR give me a call at 1.800.892.9301 and we can set up your FREE account.


Business Website Address: CardCare
Business Phone Number: 800-892-9301
Correct Property Tax LLC
Address: 460 Stull St. Suite 300
South Bend, IN
Full Name: Beth Szweda
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Our goal is simple - making sure you pay a fair and accurate property tax. We advocate for you, the property owner. We do that through our knowledge of property tax law and our expertise in the property tax appeal process. Helping our community thrive, we put money back into your pocket.
Long Business Description:

Our expertise can be your leverage - When you hire CPT, you increase your chance of winning your appeal. Our team is comprised of property tax professionals with the highest level of certification and education possible. We strive to stay informed and on top of our game for one reason - to best serve you.
We have experience with all types of property, we have reduced taxes for every type of property from locally owned small businesses to internationally owned manufacturing plants. If you own property in Indiana, we can help you.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 574-286-0431
Cressy Commercial Real Estate
Address: 4100 Edison Lakes Parkway Suite 350 Mishawaka, IN
Full Name: Macy Troyer
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I specialize in helping people and businesses buy, sell, and/or lease properties. I serve as a commercial real estate broker in Indiana.
Long Business Description:

What does a commercial real estate broker do?

• As a commercial real estate broker, I represent either a buyer, seller or tenant as a mediator between parties, ensuring that my clients receive the best terms, conditions, and value on their investment transaction.

Who is Cressy Commercial Real Estate?

• Cressy Commercial Real Estate has served the residents, investors, businesses, and municipalities of the region since 1948. The culture of Cressy Commercial Real Estate is built upon a foundation of trust, integrity, and relationships; these values have never been compromised as they are most critical to our long-term success. Our team of industry experts take great pride in being community developers who build wealth for clients and enhance the vitality of the region through world-class property management, construction, development, commercial real estate brokerage and consulting services. We are a member of the NAI Global network called, NAI Cressy.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 574-318-0997 or 812-276-7161