2020 Holiday Donations

Holiday 2020 Non-Profit Spotlight

WBOM is privileged to support and partner with some beautiful, local non-profit organizations! Every holiday season, we have the opportunity to contribute to these non-profits with a year-end gift. Especially this year, we know that our gifts mean so much to our community! Thank you for any and all contributions you choose to make to our partners. Your gifts mean so much!

WEI's SPARK Program

Since August of 2011, 214 women have completed the program with skills needed to launch a small business. Their mission is “to cultivate the entrepreneurial capacity of women with a combination of personal education, business training, and ongoing professional mentoring to sustainably advance beyond socio-economic boundaries and achieve self-sufficiency.”

 Your donations allow them to continue offering business training, mentoring, and education for women.

** Designate funds to “One of the Saint Mary’s Fund priorities/other”, then type “SPARK on behalf of WBOM” in the memo field

YWCA North Central Indiana

The YWCA has continued to serve women and children throughout this pandemic, taking all necessary steps to keep them safe from abuse and the virus. It hasn’t been easy but because of community support, they continue to provide shelter, food, counseling, childcare, and many other services. Their work aims to help victims heal while also opening the doors of access and opportunity particularly for those in greatest need.

Saint Margaret's House


Over the last 30 years, St. Margaret’s House has served the women and children of South Bend. St. Margaret’s House is a day center that welcomes women and children who live in economic poverty. They provide meals, address immediate needs, and offer assistance through programs. They work to break down barriers of isolation while discovering the unique talents and gifts of everyone who walk through their doors.