Welcome To WBOM

Dedicated to providing service to each member’s business through networking, referrals, and promotion; and to providing professional development to the individual member through education, information, sharing and support.
Join us for the Luncheon on Tuesday, May 10! We will be featuring a talk by Skylight Leadership, entitled "Love Your Job, Love Your Life"

Employee engagement is getting a lot of attention right now. And for good reason. An engaged workforce is great for business. While many are tracking engagement and employing strategies to increase it, according to Gallup, the number of engaged employees still remains at approx. 30%. That means that approx. 70% of employees hate their jobs. We’ll explore the benefits of an engaged workforce (both organizational and personal), what to look for to measure and how to increase it for better business outcomes but more importantly, quality of life.

Read Skylight Leadership's bio here!


Women Business Owners of Michiana is:​

A non-profit organization providing a business environment for the meeting of all women in business. Dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurism, business ownership and management by women. A voice for women who own or operate businesses.

Women Business Owners of Michiana strives to:

Foster education, technical assistance, and learning opportunities oriented toward the needs of women business owners and professionals. Increase the general visibility of women business owners and leaders. Encourage referrals of potential customers to women-owned businesses and WBOM members’ businesses/organizations in the community. Support organizations that serve under-resourced women in our community.