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Dedicated to providing service to each member’s business through networking, referrals, and promotion; and to providing professional development to the individual member through education, information, sharing and support.
Join us for the Luncheon on Tuesday, September 13! Connie Chalko will be giving a talk entitled Hormone Balance: How our bodies work.

Hormones are incredible chemical messengers that affect our brain, heart, bones, muscles, reproductive organs, and every cell in our body. Hormones work best when balanced, however each individual has their own unique balance of hormones. Recommendations for achieving hormone balance and feeling more like yourself will be discussed.

About Connie: Connie graduated from Purdue University College of Pharmacy in 1981. She worked as a clinical pharmacist specializing in pharmacokinetic dosing and nutritional support in Cincinnati, South Bend, and Plymouth hospitals. She began her compounding pharmacy career at Mar-Main Pharmacy in 2000 and specialized in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and topical pain. She became a certified menopause clinician in 2006. Her hormone consultation practice is currently located at Merrill Pharmacy in Mishawaka. She is married with three children and proud Nana of two granddaughters. She has performed with the SB Civic Theatre, SB Symphony Festival Chorus, and is a Master Gardener.


Women Business Owners of Michiana is:​

A non-profit organization providing a business environment for the meeting of all women in business. Dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurism, business ownership and management by women. A voice for women who own or operate businesses.

Women Business Owners of Michiana strives to:

Foster education, technical assistance, and learning opportunities oriented toward the needs of women business owners and professionals. Increase the general visibility of women business owners and leaders. Encourage referrals of potential customers to women-owned businesses and WBOM members’ businesses/organizations in the community. Support organizations that serve under-resourced women in our community.